Can I use Epsom or Magnesium salts in my spa?

Can I use Epsom or Magnesium salts in my spa?

Can you put epsom salts in a spa? 

You should never add Epsom salts to your spa or swim spa. Epsom salts will alter the pH of your spa water and salt levels above 2000 PPM and can be corrosive in your spa. 
Unchecked, this can cause a chemical reaction that will attack dissimilar metals. In a Spa Pool, this is quite often the spa heater element or parts of the spa pump. 

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Can you put magnesium in a spa? 

In short, no. You should not add magnesium in the form of magnesium sulphate or Epsom salts to your spa pool or swim spa. If salt levels in the water exceed the recommended amount, important parts in a spa may start to corrode.

The good news is that there are some very good products such as MagnaSpa that contain magnesium but with a salt content that’s low enough to be harmless to your spa.

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Can I use salt in my spa?

No, we do not recommend using pool salt or epsom salts in your spa. It can cause damage to a number of  spa components. Click the button above to learn more about using salt, epsom salts or magnesium in spa pools and swim spas. 

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