ClearLift™ FAQs

ClearLift™ FAQs

Can I walk on the ClearLift™ cover?

It is not recommended to walk or stand on a spa cover as it is not designed to support the weight of a person. It may be possible to walk on the cover, but doing so can potentially damage the cover and compromise its ability to insulate and protect the spa.

Do I need to use the cover locks on my  ClearLift™ cover?

Yes, it is recommended to use cover locks every time you close the spa cover. This helps keep unsupervised children from entering the water and ensures their safety.  Cover locks are especially important during high winds because they prevent the wind from putting extra pressure on the cover.

Do I have to take the key out every time I use the ClearLift™ cover?

Yes. By taking the key out every time you use the ClearLIft™ cover, you prevent unsupervised children from getting to the water.

Can ClearLift™ be added after my swim spa is installed?

Yes. Adding ClearLift™ to a swim spa after its initial installation is possible. However, it's important to note that certain conditions must be met for a successful installation.

Firstly, there needs to be enough clearance available on the side of the swim spa to accommodate the ClearLift ™. The specific clearance requirement may vary depending on the dimensions of the ClearLift™ feature.

Secondly,  this only applies to the 2024 swim spa models. This means that if you have a different model, retrofitting the ClearLift™ feature onto the swim spa is not possible.

Can ClearLift™ be added to any swim spa?

No, ClearLift™ cannot be added to any swim spa. It is currently compatible only with 2024 Vortex™ Model swim spas. 

How is the ClearLift™ actuated?

The ClearLift™ swim spa cover is actuated by a key. Depending on how the positions for opening and closing were set, when the key is turned in one direction, the ClearLift™ swim spa cover opens, providing access to the swim spa. Conversely, when the key is turned in the opposite direction, the cover closes, securely sealing the swim spa.

How much does the ClearLift™ weigh?

The ClearLift™ adds approximately 200kg to the weight of the swim spa. Please see the spec sheet specific to your swim spa for detailed info. 

Does the ClearLift™ work with all Spa Controllers?

No, currently the ClearLift™ is only compatible with SpaNet® SV2, SV3, and SV4 swim spa controllers. 

Can I open my ClearLift™ when it has snow on it?

No, it is not recommended to open the ClearLift™ when there is snow on it. It is advisable to remove the snow first before operating the ClearLift. This will ensure proper functioning and prevent any potential damage to the cover.

Will ClearLift™ work on inground swim spas?

ClearLift™ is not well-suited for use in an inground swim spa, and it is generally not recommended. This is primarily due to the clearance requirements needed for the movement and stacking of the cover, as well as the need for clearance at the ends of the spa. 

What are the electrical requirements for the ClearLift™ system? Can it be connected to the same power as my swim spa?

The ClearLift system can be connected to the power output on the controller of your swim spa. This means that it can be connected to the same power source as your swim spa, as long as the controller has available power outputs.

However, it is important to note that if you have ClearLift, the Vortex Audio WiFi Kit, and a heat pump, you will need a duplicate AMP splitter. It is recommended to consult with your consultant to ensure proper installation and power requirements are met for all components.

Is the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee available on the ClearLift™ covers?

The 60-day Money Back Guarantee applies to the ClearLift™ cover as it is considered a part of the swim spa. However, it is important to note that the ClearLift™ cover cannot be returned separately from the spa. 

What is the warranty for ClearLift™ and what does it cover?

To learn what the ClearLift™ warranty covers, please click the button below. 

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