Do you sell spa cover lifters and how do they work?

Do you sell spa cover lifters and how do they work?

A hot tub or spa pool cover lifter helps you remove and replace your hot tub cover quickly, easily and efficiently! You can purchase cover lifters via Spa Store – our preferred spa accessories provider. See details below. 

What is a cover lifter and should I buy one?

Using a cover lifter or cover caddy will help you to get the cover on and off your spa with ease. It also minimises the time your cover spends on the ground, keeping it away from dirt and prolonging the life of your spa’s hardcover.

Using a cover lifter reduces the stress and pressure on the foam inside your cover. This reduces cracks and helps prevent your cover from becoming waterlogged and heavy.  

Click the button below to read our detailed article on cover lifters, how they work, pros, cons and more:

How do I choose a cover lifter?

Which cover lifter suits your needs, depends on a few variables. 
The size of your spa, the access around the spa and whether you want to attach something to your cabinet.  
You can see our selection of cover lifters below. Each description has the clearance requirements so you can make the best choice for your situation. 

Want to buy a cover lifter for your spa pool? 

There are a variety of cover lifter options available, whether you want it attached, freestanding or under-mounted. 
Click the button below to visit the Spa Store website and view their full range of cover lifters and cradles. 

How much clearance do I need to leave for my Cabinet Free Spa Cover Lifter?

We recommend 600mm of clearance behind your spa for the cover lifter to operate.

Which cover lifter is suitable for my Swim Spa ?

Swim spas tend to be taller than a standard Spa and are best served by this cover lifter as the other styles are not tall enough. 

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