How do I clean my spa filters?

How do I clean my spa filters?

How often do I clean and replace filters?

The pleated filters in your spa should rinsed weekly then cleaned thoroughly on a monthly basis with a filter cleaner. Filters need to be replaced after approximately 12-18 months. The Purezone filter, which cannot be cleaned and is disposable, needs replacing every 3-4 months. New filters, as well as accessories and chemicals to clean filters can be purchased at

How do I clean my pleated spa filters?

Please follow the steps below for maintaining your paper reusable filters:
  1. Remove pleated filters from spa filter box.
  2. Hose in between and clean filter pleats, you can use the filter wand to clean in between pleats.
  3. For monthly maintenance, you can soak your paper filters in a filter cleaning solution overnight.
  4. Then dry your filters out in the sun and reinstall.
Bonus Tip: It's a great idea to have a spare set of filters so you can swap them over when soaking your filters overnight.

Read the detailed step-by-step guide below:

Can I clean my purezone/micron filter?

Purezone is a Micron filter and so cannot be cleaned. 

Purezone filters must be replaced every 3-6 months depending on your bather load. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Vortex™ Purezone™ 

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How do I use the Heavy Duty Filter Wand?

The Filter wand is used to clean larger debris out of the filter. Please see picture below:

First you plug the wand into your garden hose. The handle has a quick release function, connect your garden hose to the end fitting 
Then remove the filter from the spa and use the teeth on the end of the head to seperate the pleats and wash gently by running the wand up and down the filter

Ideally you want use the filter wand on pleated filters once a week and the cartridge cleaner once a month.
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How can I save money with my Filters?

The key is maintenance.
It is vital your filter cartridge is maintained correctly to maximize its life and usefulness. The life of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat it.
Filters need to be cleaned and how often depends on how often you use your spa. We advise that you rinse your filters weekly and soak your filter thoroughly on a monthly basis.
Filter clogging is caused by soaps, chemicals, perspiration, body fats, oils and fine particles of dust or dirt. A blocked spa filter cartridge can put undue pressure on your pump and motor and decrease the life of these parts. Shower before entering the spa and avoid using lotions, sunscreen or other beauty products while in the spa.

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When adding algicide, do I need to clean my filters?

Yes, algae can become trapped in filters, we recommend you clean your filters weekly with a filter cartridge cleaner. 

Can I use nappy cleaner to clean my filters?

Do not use products like nappy cleaners as most of them contain bleach which reduces the length of the life of your spa filters and upsets your water balance.

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