How does my vortex aromatherapy canister work?

How does my vortex aromatherapy canister work?

Relaxing in your spa is a treat for the senses – and that includes wonderful aromas!

All Vortex Spas come with an aromatherapy system. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the aromatherapy system in your Vortex™ Spa. 

How do I use the aromatherapy system in a Vortex™ Spa?

The aromatherapy controller is easy to use:
  1. Simply lift the canister out when you need to replace it with another tube
  2. The aromatherapy canister can be easily identified due to its coloured cap.
  3. Scented ceramic blocks or beads can be placed in the canister which creates a fragrance to rise up from the air bubbles when the air blower is operated.                              
Please note: If your spa is equipped with an air blower an aromatherapy canister may also be fitted.
Watch the video below to learn what is aromatherapy in a spa pool and how it works:      
     Watch Video       

How do I replace the aromatherapy canister scent stick? 

The aromatherapy cartridge has a black cap on the topside. When you twist off the cap, you can access the aromatherapy cartridge. You can twist the cartridge and then lift it out.
You can control the amount of aromatherapy released by twisting the cap, once it is in place.

What are the different types of aromatherapy scents for my spa pool?

There’s a range of aromatherapy canisters available to suit your preferred scents. Some of the options include lavender, citrus sorbet and pina colada.

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