Magna Spa Frequently Asked Questions

Magna Spa FAQs

What is MagnaSpa™?

MagnaSpa™ is a water softener for spas that makes the water feel smoother and more comfortable, enhancing your relaxation experience. It is composed of a balanced combination of 50% magnesium chloride and 50% potassium chloride. providing a soothing effect for sensitive skin types and allowing you to enjoy the advantages of both magnesium and potassium.

Is MagnaSpa™ a sanitiser?

No, MagnaSpa™ does not function as a spa sanitiser. You will still need to add sanitiser to your spa or swim spa. MagnaSpa™ is compatible and can be used with all sanitising agents.

Does MagnaSpa™ increase water hardness?

The presence of magnesium in Magna Spa can elevate the water hardness level, potentially leading to inaccurate readings of water hardness. While most test strips only measure Total Hardness, which includes both calcium and magnesium levels, it is important to note that magnesium hardness does not impact water balance. 

To check water balance, identify the calcium levels instead of relying on the Total Hardness reading. Total Hardness readings above 800 usually suggest the presence of magnesium.  The higher the levels of magnesium, the higher the levels of total hardness.

How long does MagnaSpa™ last in a spa?

It is recommended that one bag of MagnaSpa™ per 1000L of spa water is added each time the spa is refilled.

How much does MagnaSpa™ cost?

The price of MagnaSpa™ varies depending on the location from which you are placing your order. MagnaSpa™ is manufactured by Zodiac® and comes in a 3kg bag. Each bag is suitable for 1000L, so if you have a larger spa or swim spa, you may need to purchase an additional bag. 

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To learn more about using magnesium in a spa and MagnaSpa™, please read our detailed article below.

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