Why Is My Spa Cover Heavy?

Why is my spa cover so heavy?

Spa covers become heavy when the foam inserts become water logged. These inserts can be removed and dried out in the hot sun.

If the spa cover's skin has deteriorated beyond repair, replacement spa covers can be purchased from www.spastore.com.au

We also highly recommend purchasing a spa cover lifter to reduce wear and tear, so your cover lasts longer.
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    • Do you sell spa cover lifters and how do they work?

      A hot tub or spa pool cover lifter helps you remove and replace your hot tub cover quickly, easily and efficiently! You can purchase cover lifters via Spa Store – our preferred spa accessories provider. See details below. What is a cover lifter and ...
    • How do I clean and care for my spa cover or swim spa cover?

      How do I clean my Spa Cover? The best product that we have found is 303 Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner This multi-surface cleaner works well for the heaviest cleaning jobs without caustic chemicals or solvents. Lifts dirt and grime from outdoor furniture, ...
    • Are your spa cover clips adjustable?

      Yes, the length of our spa cover safe clips can be adjusted. You can make the length longer or shorter by feeding the strap through the buckle. Learn more about cover clips
    • What are your spa covers made from?

      The covers that come with our new spas. and the custom covers purchased through www.spastore.com.au, are manufactured using 24 kg/m3 foam. Whereas most spa pool covers use 16kg/m3 foam. Spa Pool Cover Construction details: High density 85kg rated ...
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      Cover safe spa clips which lock onto the spa cover and are a lasting and easy repair for broken spa cover straps or latches and Spa cover locks can be purchased at https://shop.spaworld.com.au/. The top part of these straps permanently pinches onto ...